Revenue Generation

Within every company resides the various functional departments responsible for generating revenue. Sales, Business Development and Marketing to name a few.  Business Foundry has the resources to help you ensure that your revenue generation efforts are solid and sustainable.  We take a systemic approach to revenue generation.  Our Revenue Predictability practice enables you to address sales and business development issues revolving around:

People – Ensure you are securing the right talent in your sales and marketing people, developing and compensating them appropriately, and retaining them.

Process – Ensure your sales processes are rigorous and effective, supporting your revenue generation cycle. Make sure you have the data and reporting you need to make smart growth decisions on an ongoing basis.

Technology  Ensure your marketing and sales automation tools are actively supporting your people in the field, enabling you to track your progress, and producing actionable insights.

By aligning your compensation program with the organizations long term business objectives, we can more accurately project the viability and sustainability of your plans for growth. We help you systemize your approach to revenue generation, ensuring that you can grow to the next level and beyond.