Operational Agility

To ensure your primed for sustainable growth, you’ll need to operate as lean as possible. You’ll also need to be agile – able to rapidly respond to market changes and unexpected events. Our Operational Agility Practice enables you to address these core factors in successful operations:

People – Ensure you have the right people with the right skills and experience in relation to your objectives. Are you hiring as effectively as possible? Are the right compensation and development practices in place? Are you enabling your people to perform at their potential?  Do they understand their role, are they well trained, are they contributing to the culture as expected, do they know the companies vision and objectives?

Process – Ensure you have operational predictability and consistency across functions. Whether the area is sales, marketing, production, sourcing, or human resources, you want to ensure you are both managing costs and quality – meeting the expectations of the customers you serve.

Communication – Ensure you are communicating your values and priorities on a consistent basis. Avoid silos and departmental fiefdoms. You want to ensure that all of your people are moving in the same direction and communicating the same messages to your customers.

Often the casualties of high growth companies are quality assurance and customer service.  Your Business  Foundry team, with a systemic approach to moving you forward will insure that your long term strategies keep these key elements of your business in mind.  As a result, you’ll be well prepared to meet the demands of a growing market.  We help you achieve the operational agility required to compete successfully, across all functional areas of your operations structure.