To ensure you have actionable insight with regard to your enterprise’s financial performance, you have to have the right practices and processes in place. Our Financial Clarity practice enables you to address the core issues of successful financial management:

Cash – Business Foundry’s Interim Management team will help ensure that you are taking a strategic approach to cash management through appropriate utilization of metrics and discipline.  Effective cash management is essential to sustainable growth.

Metrics By establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for your business and creating business objectives driven by those metrics, you’ll be better positioned to achieve the growth plans you have identified for your business.  Teaching people how to use KPI’s and supporting them with systems will instill a culture of accountability and create sustainability in your business model.

Discipline –  Through the use of well defined metrics & KPI”S, and with an experienced Business Foundry Adviser at your side, you’ll ensure your organization has the tools, training, and discipline it needs to act decisively.  A formal operating plan which is regularly reviewed and revised by leadership, managers and employees is essential to the creation of a culture of accountability and sustainability.  Discipline flows from consistency and communication.

We understand the systemic nature of business. With this in mind, we consider the linkages between people, finance, operations, and revenue generation when assessing your enterprise and providing guidance. With these elements addressed and taken into consideration, we are appropriately positioned to effectively implement solid growth strategies to address expense reduction, capital equipment acquisition and effective treasury management to help you achieve your true potential.